Update June 2020

With God’s grace and the support from well-wishers, we are able to reach out to various groups of unprivileged and vulnerable people. Since the commencement of our activities in December 2019, we are privileged to have reached several people as highlighted below:-


  • We provided clothings, beddings, mattresses and other basic resources like soap, sugar, salt, maize flour, rice, etc, to various people in the communities of Budaka, Kadama, Mbale and Bulambuli. This work was carried out mainly during the Christmas season and we covered 42 households.
  • In these communities, there are those elderly people who live lonely lives yet need special attention because they cannot support themselves and depend on the mercy of the neighbors in their communities. We, therefore, identified and facilitated some people within these communities to take care of them.

We were able to pay visits and give support to some bedridden, paralyzed and hospitalized persons.  Support was extended towards the provision of the basic requirements, as well as drugs and to a certain extent the medical bills of those who were hospitalized.   A total of five people received this support

  • We also supported some students through the payment of fees and the provision of school requirements. Two students benefited from this support, who, despite their desire for education, lacked facilitation due to poverty in their families or having been orphaned at an early age.


  • During the peak of the lockdown caused by the COVID 19, some widows and other vulnerable members in communities in the suburbs of Mbale ran out of food. We mobilized resources for the purchase of maize flour and soap which were distributed to 65 households in the month of May 2020.

Through our work, we endeavor to extend the love of God to the communities. We are grateful to all who have made this possible by giving us support for this cause.  In enabling us to reach these communities you are lending unto the Lord; as is well stated in the Bible thus;

Proverbs 19:17 –     “He that gives unto the poor lends unto the LORD, and He will give him his reward”

With your support, you enable us touch hearts, give hope and Bring A Smile to many who are in despair.


May the Lord who is faithful to his promises reward you abundantly.


June 2020.

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