Bring A Smile – Uganda is an indigenous organization limited by guarantee based in Mbale District in Eastern Uganda. It started in 2019 as a Charity Foundation to reach out to needy children and the elderly in Kadama, Budaka, Mbale and other areas where there may be need.

Bring A Smile – Uganda is a Christian based organization devoted to holistically transform lives – body and soul – of the destitute children and elderly through Evangelizing and Empowering (EE) programs. Our activities are centered in Eastern Uganda and focus on supporting the vulnerable child and the aged in targeted communities to obtain the basic necessities of life and to find hope in Christ.


— Our Mission

Transforming lives through evangelization in Word and Deed

— Our Vision

Changing Lives and bringing a smile to the destitute child and the aged.

— Our Values

Our values can be abbreviated as “HOPERS

Hope – We endeavour to find good in every situation.

Optimism – With your support, we shall have better and happier communities.

P​ursue Godliness – We spread love, joy, goodness, gentleness and kindness to the hurting.

E​mpower – Every one of us has the ability to help others in despair.

Respect – We respect and promote the unique worth of every individual.

Service to others – By God’s grace we tirelessly offer a hand to all those who are in need.



— Our Aims & Objectives

  1. To support the vulnerable child and the aged to meet Christ in their situations and find meaning in life.

  2. Support the vulnerable child to obtain functional skills to help them lead dignified social and economic lives.

  3. To provide emotional support and counselling services to keep the affected persons on the right track.

  4. To raise awareness of the suffering community and promote neighbourliness and positive attitudes towards the vulnerable people.

  5. Develop and maintain partnerships with individuals and agencies interested in meeting Christ amongst the needy and to bring a smile and hope in their lives.


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